Friday, July 20, 2012

  Several months ago the lagoon on the lower section of the ranch was drained to try and exterminate a population of ravenous Louisiana Red Crawfish that were feeding on the endangered red legged frogs that also inhabit the pond.   The origin of the crawfish is a mystery, but they thrived in the muddy banks.  The pond was completely drained, the endangered frogs were collected, and after a few months deep cracks stretched over the entire dried bed.  Confident that the crawfish had been eradicated the pond was refilled.
  Somehow the crawfish survived the effort; not only did they survive, they grew larger than ever, emerging as armored super-predators.  Now the kitchen is going to do our part in getting rid of this grave environmental risk and try to cook them into extinction.    Today we are serving them sauteed with young california bay leaves, Swank Farm sweet corn and heirloom tomato!  Who knew saving the environment could be so delicious?

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