Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scallops..... Day Boat, Diver Caught, Dry Pack, Top of the Catch; there are so many marketing terms used in the scallop industry that it is almost impossible to know how your scallops are being harvested.  Even if a scallop was in fact from a dayboat, how long did it sit in a warehouse before getting shipped?  The truth is that most scallops served in even the finest restaurants are several days or even weeks out of the water. 
We just got two bags of hand-harvested scallops still alive in their shells.    The bright red roe is still intact and offers a rich-briny contrast to the sweet scallop.    The roe is also a testament to how fresh these scallops are, since it is highly perishable and only desirable when the scallop is still alive. 

  Roasted Scallop, Speck Ham, Baby Leeks,  Local Fava Beans and Seared Scallop Roe

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