Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Local Red Abalone with Wild Herbs

Red Abalone is a local delicacy that is not often found outside of California's central coast. There are a handful of predictable preparations, many of which require pounding all texture out of the abalone and incorporating ingredients that overpower the abalone's subtle flavor. For this dish I wanted to showcase a side of abalone that few people get to experience. We get the abalone directly from the farm on wharf number two in Monterey and shave them raw to order. The translucent slices of abalone have a crisp texture reminiscent of geoduck clam with a complex sweetness and briny finish. A few wild flowers harvested on the hill above my house, and some fresh herbs from the garden, offer the perfect contrast for the pure flavors of the abalone. (nasturtium flower and seeds, mustard flower, radish flower, chive blossom, opal basil and red fennel). The final touches on the dish are a few flakes of local sea salt, a young tannic olive oil and pearls made from 5yr balsamic.

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