Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jimmy Nardello peppers are named after the person who brought the seeds from Southern Italy to Connecticut in the late 1800's.  For generations this pepper has been prized for its deep fruity flavor and perfect balance of heat and sweetness.  The skin of the peppers is paper thin, just like the famed Chimayo Chiles grown near my hometown in New Mexico.  While these peppers are not nearly as hot as the peppers I grew up with, their dark cherry aroma and overall complexity and balance are quite familiar.   I wouldn't be surprised if the two peppers share a common ancestor in Spain or Portugal.   Many people enjoy the pepper raw, but I prefer to roast them in a hot cast-iron pan with sea salt and olive oil. 
Lone Mountain Ranch Wagyu with Jimmy Nardello Pepper Puree and Roasted Garlic

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