Thursday, July 19, 2012

  Mangalitsa Country Ham-  Also known as Wooly Pigs, the Mangalitsa is a rare breed of pig from Hungary that is now grown by a small cooperative of farms in the Pacific Northwest.  The pigs were originaly bred for their decadent layer of fatback and intermuscular marbling which incapsulates the sweet nuttiness of their acorn-rich diet.   The ham is cured and aged for eighteen months and has a finished flavor that easily rivals the finest Iberico hams from Spain.                        Haogen Melon- This melon, aslo called Israeli Perfume Melon, lives up to its name, filling any room with a distinctive scent of sweet melon and floral overtones.           Cubeb Pepper - Originating in Java and Sumatra these tailed peppercorns have a flavor that is uniquely balanced between heat and refreshing menthol.                                           
To Bring it Together-      Barrel aged sherry vinegar, meyer lemon argumato and opal basil from the garden.

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