Thursday, February 6, 2014

The New Taste of Big Sur Menu

On Friday night we debuted a new Taste of Big Sur Menu.  This menu is heavily inspired by the bounty of our local coast and features an array of exotic local delicacies including: sea urchin, whelks, red abalone, spiny lobster, oysters and sea cucumber.  I’m very excited about this new menu!  You can see the dishes below.  For a full view of the menu, click here

The new Taste of Big Sur menu
Amuse Bouche - Oyster

Amuse Bouche - Whelk
Amuse Bouche - Goose

Roe Roe Roe - Asparagus, Cod Roe Tarama, Smoked Steelhead Roe, White Sturgeon Roe, Meyer Lemon

Spiny Lobster with Citrus and Hibiscus Gelee

Dungeness Crab Consomme with Thai Herbs
Textures of Sunchokes - Carmelized Onion Cherry Jus

Monterey Red Abalone - Escarole, Squid Ink, Brown Butter

Smoked Wild Pheasant - Triangle Leeks, Celeriac, Red Cabbage, Mustard Seed

Schoch Family Farmstead Cheese - Date, Brioche Crumbs

Apples and Rose Geranium

Chocolate, Acorn and Persimmon

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