Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tuna with Iberico Refritos

This dish evolved around the idea of making "re-fried beans" using Iberico pork fatback.  The cured fatback we use comes from a special breed of pig that is finished on a diet of acorns, resulting in a complex nuttiness in the fat.  After rendering the Iberico Lardo, we sauté cooked white beans and garlic until aromatic, then puree them until they form a smooth paste.  We cook calypso lima beans in a stock with smoked ham hocks and onions until halfway cooked - then remove the shells and fill them with the Iberico refritos.

The tuna is crusted with blue corn, green coriander, cumin and guajillo chile.  Because the beans are so rich, I wanted a sauce that would brighten the dish and add contrast, in this case a puree of pickled red onion worked nicely.

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