Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Robbins Island Wagyu

This week we tried a new Wagyu Beef from Robbins Island in Tasmania.  Similar to the Wagyu that we use from Lone Mountain Ranch, the herd on Robbins Island is 100% Wagyu from Japanese genetics.  The difference is that the Robbins Island Wagyu is completely Grass Fed and is influenced by the coastal environment.  Despite not being grain-finished, the ribeye we received had incredible marbling (BMS 7-9) and the flavor was quite mild with only a hint of the pastoral-gaminess often found in grass-fed animals.  During the grazing season the cows are herded to new pastures across a shallow tidal channel.

Tonight are serving the Robbins Island Ribeye crusted in exotic peppercorns (tellicherry, Balinese and cubeb pepper that have been ground in the mortar with black onion seeds, trumpet mushrooms, smoked salt and freeze-dried raisins.  I serve the beef with a hedgehog mushroom puree and spring onion confit.

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