Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sprouted Lentils

Recently, Jacob started experimenting with a few batches of different sprouts including barley and green lentils.  Perhaps it is the time of year, wishing for the longer days of spring, that inspires the idea of new growth. The green lentils have sprouted beautifully splitting slightly to send out a thin white shoot (the barley not so much).  As the lentils sprout some of their starch in converted into sugar, making them easier to digest, but still somewhat starchy for my taste.  Jacob pan fried them in olive oil to crisp them and then served them with braised Wagyu shortrib and roasted cauliflower.   The quick immersion in hot oil was enough to completely change the flavor profile and texture of the lentils, leaving them crisp and sweet with a hint of organic earthiness.

I'm excited about the prospects of sprouting different seeds and wonder what else might work:   Fenugreek, Quinoa, Black Sesame, Peanuts, Garbanzo Beans, Mustard, Coriander - the options are limitless.  Look for some new sprout ideas on the blog soon!


  1. I've been liking the idea of sprouting lentils but didn't know what I'd do with them - the crispy hot idea sounds delicious. Thank you for the great idea!

    1. Thanks Maggie- Let me know how your lentil experiment works. We just finished a batch of sprouted fenugreek, it has a fantastic aroma but may be a bit too bitter (still experimenting with an application.