Monday, January 7, 2013

Local Black Cod with Mouro Sausage

We have recently been getting some beautiful trap-caught black cod out of Monterey Bay.  Many people associate cod with the ubiquitous filets of bland dry fish, because unfortunately many species are passed off as fresh cod in the market.  In fact, even black cod is not a true cod, rather sablefish.   Like most of California's prized seafood, much of the sablefish catch is exported to Japan where it is frequently broiled with a miso glaze. One reason that sablefish may not have caught on too much in the US is due to its anatomy; instead of having a single line of pin bones, it has two sets of pin bones that form a "Y" through the middle of the filet, making the fish challenging to butcher and low yielding.  These fish are well worth the challenge and have a mild flavor and rich-buttery flavor akin to the Patagonian Toothfish (Chilean Seabass).  Fortunately, unlike the Chilean Seabass which has been almost fished into extinction, the Pacific black cod fisheries are well managed with strong populations.  We are serving the black cod with fresh Monterey Bay Squid, Manilla Clams and Mouro Sausage (a smoked blood sausage traditional to Portugal).

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