Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Lobster with Caramelized Meyer Lemon, Anise Hyssop and Shaved Fennel


  1. Looks delicious, but then who doesn't like Lobster, right!

    I just found your blog in an article while researching sea foraging.

    While always living with a naturalist'ish mind-frame, but never really having the ability to live that type of lifestyle as an U | | R | B | A | N dweller in Southern California I was inspired to begin to 'forage' after reading a review of the restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, and then subsequently watching a Tv piece on the restaurant.

    Interestingly, I was hoping to find a chef much closer to home that was uniquely preparing food foraged from the land and the sea.

    I suspect my wife and I will need to start planning a trip up to the Post Ranch Inn for a stay, but more importantly a dinner of the foraged variety.

    fyi, I addd your blog to by follow list, and I would particularly have interest in reading more and seeing pics on foraged ingredients you are either using, or considering using in foods on your menu. If you are forging then any personal meals using foraged foods, plants, seafood would be nice to see/read.

    1. Thanks Christopher- Please do come visit us at Post Ranch. Autumn is a great time here for foraging and the garden! I will certainly continue to add foraged ingredients to the blog- in fact we were just playing with sea-figs earlier today.