Friday, August 1, 2014


Photo by Sarah Kabat
If you ever walk into Sierra Mar and see the entire staff in the dining room peering out the window, you can rest assured that something epic is happening.  While most of us get our Big Sur scenery fix through a quick peek out the kitchen pass or on our way to the garden, sometimes something so fantastic happens in the dining room that it lures even the cooks and dishwashers out of the kitchen.  It could be a pod of orca herding a school of sardines or a baby bobcat sunning in the tall grass.  Yesterday it was two giant Big Sur condors perching on the roof of Sierra Mar.  Seeing the condors soar beside the windows of the restaurant is not an uncommon experience, but getting this close of a look was really special.  So special in fact that I sacrificed my chef jacket to crawl up on the kitchen roof and grab these pictures!

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