Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Trip To Peru

I recently spent a week in Lima, Peru to attend a good friend’s wedding.  While I was there I experienced some truly incredible food; from street markets and hidden neighborhood restaurants to one of the most acclaimed restaurants in the world.  It was an eye opening adventure.

The markets are filled with exotic ingredients, many of which I have never seen.  As expected, the various local ceviches were fabulous, due largely to the large variety of flavorful peppers that permeate the local cuisine. (stay tuned as we try to grow a few of these in our garden)  My meal at Central easily ranks as one of my top three fine-dining experiences.  One particularly memorable course featured “Andean Caviar” a high altitude bacteria that resembles caviar and tastes earthy, similar to a mild mushroom.

One week was not nearly enough time to explore the flourishing Lima dining scene, let alone visit Cusco or Machu Pichu.  Hopefully I can make another trip to Peru and experience the mountain cuisine, maybe even try eating guinea pig.  Until then I look forward to playing with a few ideas I picked up on my travels back home at Post Ranch.

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  1. Love your recount on your trip to Peru. My last trip their was a few years ago. I am planning on going again in a couple of months from now. You took some awesome photos. They are so colorful and show the real Peru. http://llamaexpeditions.com