Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Billy Post Apples and Oysters

The two, near century old, apples trees in our garden are loaded with grapefruit sized green fruit.   Though nobody knows for sure what variety was planted here, most likely by Billy Post's grandfather Joe, we speculate it might be a pippin cross.  Over the last week a few almost ripe apples have been falling from the trees.  While they are still too astringent to eat, the juice has a sharp acidity that when frozen mellows into a refreshing balance of tart, bitter and sweet.

Today I am serving Morro Bay Oysters on the half shell, sprinkled with a touch of Hendricks Gin, Fresh Sea Beans and Dill then covered in a shaved ice made from the fresh apple juice, fresh horseradish, tarragon and Yerba Buena.

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