Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Foraging

With the rain comes spring foraging - I love this time of year! The trails are loaded with wild onions, mustard and radish.


  1. Hi Chef John,

    Foraging sounds so fun! I also read your article about it on Edible Monterey Bay. I want to learn about (and eat!) what's growing in the natural world around us. How did you get started? Are field guides really all you need, or did someone show you the ropes?

    Michael in Watsonville

    1. Hi Michael- I got started by foraging the really obvious plants that grow around Carmel (mustard flowers, radish flowers, nasturtium) then slowly added new items like triangle leeks, oxalis, different mints, etc etc. I really picked up a lot ideas from this book:

      It is one of the few that really focus on this part of California- which is nice.

      Good Luck and Have Fun!