Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Live Sea Scallops

We recently received an incredible batch of large live scallops!  I prepared a rather unconventional dish using fresh blood from the hazelnut finished Berkshire pigs.  While it may sound like an obscure pairing, black pudding has long been a traditional pairing for sea scallops in Scotland and parts of Europe.  The intrigue of this combination for me is that both ingredients, the scallops and pig blood, have a similar flavor profile - slightly sweet, very umami, some saltiness and a slight metallic note.   These flavor characteristics really build off of each other to amplify the dish.  Instead of doing a black pudding, we pureed some pork fat with the scallop scraps, cooked onions and spices, then blended in the fresh pigs blood and baked the sausage inside of the shell.  The resulting sausage is rich and firm, a texture that both mimics and enhances the texture of the scallop.

To finish the dish I roasted the scallop roe, made a fennel and watermelon radish condiment and a sauce using fresh meyer lemon blossoms and the frills from the scallop.

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