Monday, July 8, 2013

Alien Landing at Post Ranch

Despite what it looks like, there were no alien abductions at Post Ranch this week. We did however, open our gates to a few thousand Italians. No, not Ferraris, rather five hives of European honey bees.

You have likely read or heard about the serious issues regarding global bee populations and how entire populations have collapsed.  Researchers don’t know exactly what factors are involved, but everything from pesticides to mites and electromagnetic radiation are being blamed.   

Bees are in integral part to any healthy eco-system. Honey is merely a serendipitous result of the bees true calling; pollination. In fact, bees are known to pollinate 30% of all food crops and a majority of wild plants. There is no way to predict the devastation that would be caused if bee populations continue to shrink.

As part of our ecology program, we wanted bee hives to be a central part of the Post Ranch ecosystem. Why European bees you ask?  They tend to be less aggressive and more productive, making them ideal for pollination and honey production.  Despite this, we do hope to build some hives for native bees along the perimeter of the property.  

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