Friday, November 9, 2012

Big Sur Food and Wine

Chef David Kinch
 This year's Big Sur Food and Wine Weekend was a great success.  The Post Ranch Inn was buzzing with dozens of wineries and chefs.  .

Lexus Grand Tasting Booth
Dungeness Crab and Pink Pearl Apple for The Lexus Grand Tasting
  There were many great events- but for me the highlites included the collaborative dinner with Chef David Kinch from Manresa in Los Gatos,  The Lexus Grand Tasting and The Tour de France. 
  Chef Kinch and his team were wonderful to work with - and as expected his food was quite inspiring.  Seeing the choreography of sending a six course dinner for ninety people out of the Sierra Mar Kitchen was also exciting.
Yulanda's Croquembouche
  I owe a huge thanks to the Sierra Mar team and a handful of volunteers who made everthing happen. 
  Unfortunately I was so busy most of the weekend that I forgot to take many pictures - so if anyone has photos they would like to share it would be much appreciated.   (thanks to James Anderson and Amber Kirpes for two of the photos posted here)


Calm Before The Storm for Saturday Night Kinch Dinner

Yulanda Admires a Pheasant for Friday Night  Tour de France

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