Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Garden

Summer is finally here.  While the rest of the country settles into the cooler months of Autumn, we are just starting our Indian summer here in Big Sur.  The fog bank has receded back across the ocean and the sun brings the warmth our garden has been waiting for.  Thousands of cherry tomatoes have gone from tiny green orbs to literally bursting at the seams overnight.  Crimson raspberries emerge from below a thick canopy of leaves and tiny wood strawberries hang on dainty stems, triumphantly ripened at last.  If you stand still for a moment, you realize the garden is alive, tiny frogs, fluorescent green and yellow caterpillars, bees and dragon flies all busy at work, each taking advantage of the seasonal bounty in their own particular way.  It is a gentle reminder that harvest season is here and we too must begin preparing for the rainy months, putting away preserves and pickles to keep us stocked until next Spring.

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