Thursday, September 6, 2012

Duck Egg Raviolo

Duck Egg Raviolo with Baby Root Vegetables, Lobster Mushroom and Chanterelle

Duck eggs are to chicken eggs what heavy cream is to milk; they are higher in fat, have a more velvety texture and fuller flavor.  We put them in a large raviolo with truffle-mushroom duxelle and cook it in vegetable stock for 3 minutes until the yolk is just set.  When you cut into the raviolo the yolk incorporates into the black truffle-vegetable stock and enriches the dish.  A variety of root vegetables and blossoms from the garden:  Tokyo turnips, baby carrots, red carrot blossoms, oregano blossoms are combined with artichoke confit, lobster mushrooms and chanterelle mushrooms to finish the dish.  This is a decadent yet seasonally appropriate dish as the coastal fog rolls onto the ridge. 

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