Thursday, May 19, 2016

Smoked Wagyu

Sometimes you miss the flavors of home… Even though most of my childhood was spent in Northern New Mexico, I was born in Dallas, which makes me a sixth generation Texan! This is my little tribute to East Texas barbecue- Slow Smoked Wagyu Cheek with Salt Roasted Celery Root - Green Apple Salad and Wild Herbs.


  1. Inspiring recipe darling!

  2. Look good! Delicious
    I'm working in the thay man hinh xiaomi. It's amazing

  3. What are your favorite sources for meat, like that wagyu? I just looked through all the yelp photos, you should post some of them on your blog. They made me uncomfortably hungry. The shameful things I might do for your burger. You know you're doing a good job when casual cell phone photos still make your food look like it was done by a professional photographer and a food stylist.

    Your former chef used to make a wagyu pastrami brisket . I admit I stole the idea because it was so delicious and did it with boneless kobe short ribs. Just saying, if you had some pastrami on that lunch menu, I might just drive to Big Sur just for that. :)


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