Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Air Pre-Rinse Update 7/8/15

We have been making some great progress with our air-rinse program!  A couple of recent updates for anyone working on the project:

-  We have spent a couple of weeks dialing in our PSI -  Our compressor started out at a stock PSI of 120 - which created a very loud nozzle noise.  We are currently running the unit at 90psi which has dramatically reduced the noise with minimal loss in efficiency.

- We have not experienced any safety related issues with the unit.  However, we did provide our dish washers with noise reducing ear protectors and safety glasses as an added precaution- just in case.  I would strongly recommend that anyone interested in using the compressed air does the same.

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  1. I enjoy the way you have presented this great information.
    It makes me wonder why I had not thought of it before! Thanks for sharing ARB