Monday, January 6, 2014

The Trick To Making The Perfect Chicharon

We finally figured out the trick to making light as air chicharone.  To start, we remove all of the fat and meat from the skin of the pork belly, leaving only a sheet of translucent skin.   Next we slowly braise the skin in stock with garlic, chiles and bay leaf for four hours over low heat.  After the skins are fully cooked we transfer them to the dehydrator overnight.  The next morning we bring rice oil almost to the smoking point and drop in a piece of the dried skin.  Using a spoon I gently push on the skin in a rhythmic pattern until it begins to turn white and puff like popcorn.  Next I use a small ladle to pour hot oil over the top of the skin that is now out of the oil.  Once the skin is completely puffed and light brown I season it with sea salt.

Mangalitsa Pork Belly, Mulato Chile, Crispy Skin, Finger Lime, Pickled Mango, Cilantro

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