Monday, August 20, 2012


Whenever we order tuna for Sierra Mar we source directly from the fish market in Honolulu.  I have had the pleasure of witnessing this market first-hand, walking through the auction floor at 4 a.m. just as the auction started.  Buyers from around the world bid on thousands of fish displayed in a refrigerated warehouse.  The buyer who works on our behalf knows that we want the very highest quality tuna.  Not only that, but we prefer larger fish with firm texture, bright red color and well-marbled belly meat.  Simply ordering a 1+ grade tuna does not ensure this kind of product, since the grading is largely subjective and based on number of different criteria.

All of the tuna that comes to Post Ranch is the highest quality available - but what we served over the weekend was simply exceptional.  The top of the loin was firm and bright red, fading into a perfectly marbled belly.  This marbling is more common in the winter months, but can occasionally be found other times of the year.  The additional marbling in the meat gives a decadent texture and smooth flavor that quickly takes on herbs and other aromatics.

For Saturday night's amuse bouche I trimmed the marbled portion of the loin and marinated it with white miso and honey before charring it rare on the grill.  We served the sliced toro with yuzu-white soy pickled cucumber, wasabi mousse and red shiso from our garden.

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